About Us

About Business Path

The BPC business incubator and accelerator was established in 2018 to embody the dreams of ambitious Saudi youth with diverse experiences in establishing and launching projects. The team gained its expertise from establishing projects in various fields.

The work of the BPC incubator and accelerator to attract entrepreneurs and provide them with full support to remove the obstacles they may face in all administrative, organizational and marketing aspects in order to qualify them to reach the stages of growth, through an integrated and qualified team working as consultants to project owners in all stages of work from the beginning to launching on the ground .

The BPC incubator and accelerator aspires to have a role in contributing to the growth and renaissance of the Kingdom and supporting Vision 2030, which aims to increase the contribution of small and medium-sized companies to the GDP, by providing full support to emerging entrepreneurs and including them in a stimulating and supportive environment that harnesses all its capabilities and efforts for the success of incubated projects.

Our Goals

– Encouraging and nurturing the talented.

– Enabling the new generation of entrepreneurs to establish their own independent projects.

– Incubating emerging companies with economic benefit.

– Incubating innovative ideas and transforming them into start-up companies.

– Providing all forms of technical and material support for projects to ensure their success.

– Business development through training and leadership development.

– Contribute to creating new and value-added job opportunities.

Our Message

Allowing the owners of ideas and small and medium enterprises to realize their dreams and turn them into reality within an environment that promotes innovation and entrepreneurship, no matter what the obstacles are, our ambition is sky high.

Our Vision

We seek to shed light on the innovation environment and the growth of entrepreneurship in the Kingdom, by being the first interface to incubate ideas and small and medium enterprises.